• Scrubzone, is a company with a green approach to hand sanitation and understands that the health and safety of your employees is the first critical step in ensuring the health and safety of your customers and of the general public. Our automated hygiene solutions can revolutionize the way your employees and customers see hand hygiene all together. Not only will you be fully compliant with your hygiene requirements you will see dramatic increases in your facilities health, safety and reductions in your infection rates overall.

    The company was founded in 2010 in Durban, South Africa. It has been committed to hand hygiene from the beginning and never stops engineering towards a safer future. Proof to this is our growing range of automated hygiene solutions.

  • Frits Burger and Hans Westhof are the Co-Founders of Scrubzone. They have more than 25 years experience in the manufacturing, marketing and sales field and have been part of many successful businesses in the past. Being the fore fathers of the machine they are extremely passionate about the potential the machine has to change the way the world washes their hands and the way the world sees hand hygiene all together. Adding an enormous amount of experience to the company and having an all round corporate approach to Scrubzone, they are undeniably major assets the business cannot do without.

    Sean Burger is our new Executive, employed at our United States of America branch located in Charleston, South Carolina. He is young and energetic with a big drive to push the machine across all 50 states. Making Scrubzone an internationally known brand is his top priority. Being the son of Frits Burger he has inherited his drive and passion for sales, marketing and manufacturing. Scrubzone USA is a big stepping-stone for the company and we are very happy to have Sean Burger leading our expansion. Passionate, ambitious and determined are but a few of the words you can use to describe this young and enthusiastic gentleman.

  • Scrubzone’s mission is simple. Prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and pathogens found in our world today by continuing to produce revolutionary automated hygiene solutions.

  • Our promise to the world is to provide, manufacture and maintain the reputable, revolutionary products that Scrubzone produces and the highest level of customer service in order to eradicate the spread of deadly pathogens and bacteria. In turn this will help our customers achieve the utmost and imperative level of hygiene across the board for their own customers satisfaction.

  • Our values stem from our commitment to honesty and above all customer satisfaction. We strive for perfection across the board and this is clearly reflected in our products and reputation. Tackling the worlds various markets to suppress the spread of harmful and deadly pathogens and bacteria is but one of our companies core values. Integrity, respect, loyalty, trust and business ethics are a few more of core company values.

  • Scrubzone’s vision is to be the leading Hygiene solution across numerous markets worldwide preventing the spread of extremely harmful bacteria and pathogens.